She Was In The Middle Of A Performance When Her Boyfriend Appeared Out of Nowhere! If THIS Happened To Me, I’d Faint!


It's not often we hear about happily ever afters that start in high school, but let this romantic story redefine what it means to be young and in love! 

She was conducting a field show during a performance for her school. Hundreds filled the stadium to watch the award-winning band show off their talents. As Drummajor, it was her job to stay focused and defined as the rest of the band followed her lead. Knowing this, her boyfriend snuck into the drum line wearing a band member's uniform without her noticing. He was about to surprise her with the ultimate question of her life that everyone knew about, except her! 

Watch the moment the drum line interrupts the performance, flipping over their drums to reveal the big question. It takes her a moment to realize what's going on, but once she does, she nearly faints! I've never seen a proposal quite like this before! 

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