This Elderly Woman was About to be Mugged, What She Did Next Amazed Me


What would you do if you were getting in your car and
someone jumped in the passenger seat next to you and held a gun to your head?

Well that’s exactly what happened to this 92-year-old woman
in Dyersburg, Tennessee. And she handled it better than I could possibly

She had just finished putting her groceries in her car when
a man jumped in her passenger seat. He said he had a gun and demanded she give
him her money. And her response? “No.”

Instead she ministered to him! She started talking about her
faith and shared Bible verses with her attacker. Her powerful words moved him
and brought him to tears.

She talked to him for a whole 10 minutes! And when all was
said and done, her attacker went home to pray and she voluntarily gave him all
the money she had – a whole $10.

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