This Filipino Boy Sings Whitney Houston’s “I Will Always Love You” And It’s Absolutely Amazing!


Having the courage and guts to get in front of a large crowd
and sing your heart out is no easy feat. It takes many years of practice to be
comfortable doing something like that, and still some of the world’s most
famous performers get pre-show jitters!

But the awe-inspiring Filipino boy in this video has no
problem showing off his insane talent in front a large group of people. In fact,
he makes it look like a piece of cake!

While trying out for a local singing competition in the
Philippines, this young boy belted out a cover of Whitney Houston’s famous (and
incredibly hard to sing, might I add) “I Will Always Love You”.

I’m not sure what competition he was trying out for, but it
seems like he’s outside on the street performing. His incredible vocals
certainly gathered a crowd. But for the huge voice coming out of this boy I can’t
help but wonder why people don’t look more impressed?!

If I saw this kid performing my jaw would probably drop
right to the floor! What do you think of his incredible talent and rendition of
this song?

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