This Football Player Returns to the Hospital that Saved His Life and Meets Someone Who’s Life He Will Change Forever!


Before Aj McCarron ever earned a Football ring, he wore a bracelet given to him by a little girl. This band represents the special bond between this football superstar, and one special little girl. 

The pair met on one Christmas Eve, while AJ and his family were delivering gifts to children in an Alabama hospital. In fact, this hospital was one that AJ knew all too well - it was the hospital that had saved his life when he was just a little boy. 

At 5 years-old, AJ was in an incredibly bad accident; doctors told the McCarron family that it was unlikely that he would even survive. But against all odds, this AJ made a miraculous recovery. 

With this second chance at life, AJ wanted to help spread joy to the world. And this is where Starla comes in. This little girl suffering from leukemia, was a HUGE fan of AJ and Alabama football. When AJ met Starla that one Christmas Eve, she gave him a gift - a bracelet - that he keeps with him always! 

In this video, the special bond that these two people share is unfolded and it is devastatingly beautiful. Have a tissue handy though, because this story is sure to make you cry! Please SHARE

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