This Girl is Taking Self Acceptance to New Heights. Literally!


Patience Beard jumps, flips and tumbles out on the field - the perfect bubbly cheerleader you would never think was any different than you or me.

But then, something catches your eye. Patience only has one leg! Born with a condition that left her with an underdeveloped left femur bone, Patience had to have her entire leg amputated when she was less than one year old!  

This has not held her back one bit! Patience not only takes pride in her school, routing proudly for her sport's teams, but she also takes pride in her leg, donning a zebra print prosthesis! 

Patience is such an inspiration to us all! Please SHARE her story to prove to everyone that no matter what obstacles you may meet, you can overcome them by keeping your head high and your spirit strong! 

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