This Guy May Look Tough, But Wait Till You Hear His Voice! Holy Smokes, He’s Good!


Rocco and Mat Best aren't strangers to the internet. If these guys look familiar, it's because they're the ones behind the hilarious viral Kesha lip dub video that rocked YouTube. They're also owners of Article 15 Clothing. But that's not why we're crazy about these two studs! We've heard a softer side to Rocco and just can't get enough of his sexy voice! 

Watch what happens when his daughter starts to play with her cup. Rocco and Matt are just chilling at the table when Rocco hears his cue to belch out "Cups," from our favorite movie Pitch Perfect! I wasn't expecting anything like this! If this doesn't get you excited about the release of Pitch Perfect 2, I don't know what will!

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