This is NOT Your Ordinary Cabinet. Wait Till You See What’s INSIDE! Woa…


Europeans aren't just masters of creating some of the most delicate wines, the most unusually perfected structures, and a few of the greatest paintings of our time. They've somehow managed to perfect the art of designing some of the coolest furnitures you've ever seen! 

This writing cabinet is nothing like you've ever seen before! Built in the late 1700's by two brilliant men, Abraham and David Roentgen, it features finely designed marquetry panels and elaborate mechanisms that allow doors and drawers to be opened automatically with just the touch of a button. This may not seem like anything mind blowing with today's technology, but this cabinet was owned by King Frederick William II- since he was the only one who could even afford such a gem at the time! 

Discover the hidden features of this not-so-simple cabinet. You'll wish you owned something intricate as this! 

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