This is One of the Most Beautiful Love Stories I have Ever Seen


This is the amazing story of Kelcie and Larry, high school sweethearts and best friends.

Growing up, Larry was an football star, a runner and a firefighter; and Kelcie was his biggest fan. Knowing he had found the one, there was nothing left to do but ask Kelcie to be his wife.

One night, Larry decided to share the big news with Kelcie's sister; showing her the ring he would be proposing with to Kelcie the following week while the entire family was together on a group vacation at Disneyland. But on his way home that night - everything changed. 

Larry was hit by a drunk driver. After months of being in coma, doctors weren't sure if Larry would ever wake up. But with Kelcie, his family, and so many other supporters; not only did Larry wake up, but he has exceeded all expectations, making amazing progress. 

Larry never forgot about the ring and his planned proposal. With the help of family and friends, three years after the accident, we all are able to watch the beautiful proposal here. 

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