This is The Most Heartwarming Thing I’ve Ever Seen


She was a carhop at an A.W. Root Beer Stand and he was a
loyal patron. From the moment she brought the trays out to his car, he knew she
was the one for him.

Fred and Lorraine dated for two years before they were
married. They lived a beautiful life together full of love and happiness. They spent
75 beautiful years together and Lorraine passed away a couple months before
their 73rd wedding anniversary.

After her death Fred was reading his local paper when he saw
an ad for a video and song contest. So, he decided to submit a song about his
Lorraine to honor her and all the wonderful memories they had together.

The song he wrote for her is SO heartwarming and touching. This
might be the sweetest thing I’ve ever seen.

Watch Fred and Lorraine’s beautiful story and hear the
touching song he wrote for her. I hope everyone can experience a love like this
in their lifetime!

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