This Japanese Cheerleaders’ INSANE Performance Will Make Your Jaw Drop!


It has long been debated whether or not cheerleading is a
sport. Whatever side of that argument you stand on, there’s no denying the
insane physical and athletic abilities some cheerleaders posses – particularly
this amazing Japanese All Girls team!

Every two years the International Federation of
Cheerleading, a non-profit organization, holds a Cheerleading World
Championship. In 2011 the competition was held in Hong Kong, China and the
Japanese All Girls team kicked a** and took names.

They took home first place in the All Girls, Group Stunts
All Female, AND Mixed divisions as well. When you see their amazing performance
you’ll see why they swept up all those first place trophies.

This performance left me completely speechless. Just wait
for their stunting to get crazy at 2:02, I promise it’s worth a watch!

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