This Kid Is The FUTURE of Professional Soccer! Look At Him Go!


After England's professional league, Chelsea, completed the last match of their 2013 season, soccer fans cheered for another reason. 

In the middle of their closing speech, toddler, Josh Turnbull sneakily gets carried away with one of the soccer balls, scurries over to the goal, and kicks the ball right into the soccer goal! The crowd goes WILD! It takes a moment for the speaker to realize what the fuss is all about, but as the crowd chants "Sign him up!" it's evident that young, little Josh has all attention on him!  

There's no denying that this boy is the future of soccer! He has the drive and confidence of a professional athlete. Now all he needs is great training and you've got yourself a soccer star, FIFA!

The World Cup may be over but we can still appreciate a cute, soccer-playing kid! SHARE this video! 

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