This Kitty Was Once On a Shelter’s KILL LIST. Now She’s One of the Smartest Cats EVER!


I know animals are smart, but dang, this kitty is REALLY smart! 

In the first 6 months of his life, Kido was abandoned twice. He was listed on an animal shelter's kill-list, when thankfully, his now loving owner found him! 

The owner took Kido into her home and raised him to become an adorable, well-behaved cat...and one smart cookie! 

Watch as the owner plays the shell game with Kido. She hides a bell under one of the shells and has Kido choose which one it is hidden under, after she mixes them all up. Of course, Kido chooses correctly.

The owner even adds in an extra shell to try and trick the sly feline. But he cannot be fooled! 

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