This Ladies Man Is Causing Some Drama On The Dance Floor!


Every great
party has one thing in common, and that’s a big enough dance floor for everyone
to show off their moves!

The DJ was
setting up for this party to make sure all the speakers worked perfectly, and
there were a few friends ready to break in their dancing shoes before the party
really got started.

This boy,
looking very sharp in his suit, was warming up for the evening when he got the
attention of a couple girls nearby. One girl went right up to him and they
became the cutest dancing duo you’ve ever seen! 

But, the other young girl felt
a little left out! She marches straight to the dancing duo and proves that she
is the one to dance with.It looks
like this is quite the gentleman in training because he shows her that she can’t
push his dance partner out of the way.

funniest part is that he continues on dancing after the little girl drama! Who
needs a dance partner when you have moves like that!?

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