This Lady Has the BEST Job EVER – She Gets to Shoot Hoops With This Little Guy!


Jenny DeGroot is the Sea Otter Keeper at the Oregon Zoo and
she might have the best job ever. Being a Marine Life Keeper at the Oregon Zoo
means she gets to hang out with marine life all day – being the Sea Otter
Keeper means she gets to shoot hoops with Eddie, the adorable geriatric sea

After being unable to survive in the wild, Eddie was rescued
by the Oregon Zoo. Most sea otters usually only live to be about 15-20-years
old, so Eddie, who is turning 16, would be considered geriatric.

For being an old geezer he seems to be doing pretty well for
himself! During a routine checkup vets found that Eddie has arthritis in his
elbows and recommended he work those joints. So DeGroot and trainers decided to
teach him how to play basketball to keep his joints healthy.

Turns out, he’s actually pretty good! Eddie started making
slam-dunks within his first week of training! And this little guy does not give
up – if he doesn’t make a basket he’ll keep trying till he makes it!

Watching Eddie, the geriatric sea otter, shoot hoops might
be the cutest thing I’ve ever seen! Is it too late to become a sea otter

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