This Little Girl Looked Past Her Physical Deformity and Befriended This Abandoned Puppy!


When Rikki arrived to the rescue shelter, it was very clear that she needed to find the perfect family - one that would recognize how special she truly is. And this is where this sweet little girl stepped in.

The first time she saw Rikki, it was on the rescue company's website. She knew immediately that the tiny pup had something wrong with her two front legs. But this didn't matter to the little girl. 

The video films her discussing, with wisdom beyond her years, how most people would probably stray away from adopting Rikki. Instead, the majority of families would prefer a "normal" dog. But she goes on to emphasize that Rikki IS normal.

This one adorable little girl helps teach us all a very important lesson about looking beyond outer appearances. To the little girl, Rikki is the perfect dog for her, and she would never trade her for any other dog, deformities or not! 

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