This Man Wow’d the Audience With His Song … To Say the Least!


Meet Ray Jessel, an 84-year old singer/songwriter/performer
who has only been in the game since he was 72. One of his favorite things to
write about is romance and he even got teary eyed when he was talking about his
wife. So cute!

So what kind of song would you expect from this adorable and
spritely elderly man? When I first watched this video I thought he was going to
wow the audience with a beautiful song about true love and romance. But once he
got all settled in on stage (it took him awhile to get the microphone figured
out, LOL) he shocked everyone!

I don’t want to give it away and tell you what his song
(which he wrote himself) is all about, but it will be sure to entertain you!
And believe it or not, this song was inspired by a somewhat personal
experience. What do you think of his song?

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