This Model was Ridiculed For Being ‘Fat’. Her Response? Perfection.


It seems that every year, month, week, day the standards of
what is considered ‘thin’ or ‘beautiful’ gets more and more unattainable. Women
(and men too!) feel inferior if they don’t meet the ridiculous standards set
for them by the media and fashion industry.

Robyn Lawley is a model who is trying to change that and
change the way we, women in particular, view our bodies.

She is considered to be a plus size model by the fashion
industry and has been ridiculed and called terrible names. So she went on Ellen
to address this rising issue of body image that is affecting women, especially
younger women, in America. What she has to say about body image is the most
amazing thing you’ll hear all day.

What she says at 0:39 is spot on and what we should all be
saying to ourselves every day. Lawley should be a role model to young girls

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