This Mother And Daughter Have Something In Common That You Would NEVER Want To Share…


Mothers and daughters often have a lot in common, eye color,
hair color and even personality traits can be passed down. Kelly and her
daughter Lainey had something HUGE in common but it’s something they would have
rather not shared.

Just before her second birthday Lainey was diagnosed with
Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia and began treatments immediately. Shortly after
Lainey’s diagnosis her mother found out that she had stage 3 breast cancer.
Instead of looking at chemo as a negative thing, Kelly encouraged those around
her to start doing random acts of kindness. During the time she was in chemo,
over 160 acts of kindness were performed! Now that Kelly and Lainey are in
remission they are still encouraging random acts of kindness and performing
acts of their own.

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