This Nurse Grants a Dying Mother’s Last Wish!


Eight-year-old Wesley loves his mother, Tricia. But the time he has left with his mom is running out. Losing her battle with cancer, Tricia knows that even though she hopes she will be able to see her son grow up, there is a strong chance her time will be cut short too soon. 

The biggest concern for this single mother is leaving Wesley behind, alone. But to her surprise and comfort, she discovered the answer to her worries while laying in her hospital bed one afternoon.

A nurse, with the same name, walked into Tricia's room. An overwhelming feeling of comfort swept over Tricia, and she just knew that this nurse was the one

Frantically, Tricia asked the nurse if she would take care of her son when she passes away. A shocking request, but the response was even more surprising! 

Of pure coincidence, the nurse and her family happened to be looking to adopt a son. Although they never thought it would happen this way, they agreed to Tricia's wish! 

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