This Powerful Anti-Discrimination Ad Will Stop You in Your Tracks.


This ad, which takes a powerful stance against
discrimination, was created in Australia but resonates with people everywhere.
Invisible discrimination is something that’s very real and is more damaging
than we might think.

Showing discrimination against someone, whether it’s based
off their appearance, race, or socio-economic class, can sometimes dictate our
actions. This ad shows that these preconceived notions can dictate whether a
person will sit next to someone on a bus, suspect someone of stealing, or
entrust another person to complete a task.

The motto of this ad is ‘Stop. Think. Respect.’ and
encourages people to never judge a book by its cover. These preconceived
notions and stereotypes that are set upon us can have more of an impact on our
psychological health than we might think.

As the slogan of the ad states. “Why should anyone be made
to feel like crap, just for being who they are?”

What did you think of this powerful ad? It really made me
stop and think. Please watch then SHARE
this touching message!

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