This Video Captures the Emotional Roller-coaster of Being an Abandoned Dog


Two dogs were dumped and left to survive on their own near the railroad tracks in Downtown Los Angeles. Thankfully, a woman happened to see them. She stopped to feed and went on to search for help.

Eventually she contacted a rescue company who agreed to take in the dogs if she could contain them. Happy to help, the woman drove down to the tracks but discovered that the younger of the two dogs was gone, but Duke was left behind. 

To keep herself safe, the woman had to first capture Duke in a cage. This video shows the entire range of emotions that Duke goes through during the rescue process. At first, he is extremely scared and protective. But then he begins to warm up and gladly accepts the woman's loving offer.

Watching this beautiful dog realize that he was no longer alone brought a tear to my eye! SHARE this wonderful rescue with your friends and family! 

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