This Video Really Makes me Realize How Much the World Needs to Open Their Eyes a Little Bit Wider


What makes this social experiment so scary is that it is actually inspired by a real story. A child had stumbled upon the park, in shock and so dehydrated that he wasn't even able to talk, and sat down on a bench. 

Near by, posters were strewn about, with his face posted all over them; but sadly an entire day went by without anyone taking notice. To make the story even more gut wrenching, no one even approached the poor to see why he was there alone. Thankfully, his mother found him at some point, but someone decided to perform this social experiment to see how common something like this really is. 

At first, this video is truly heartbreaking, as so many people walk by without a second glance. Some people do take a double take at the child, but then just continue on walking.

However, by the end of the video, we see a group of very concerned people who finally decide to get involved. 

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