This Will Put the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Into Perspective. EVERYONE Needs to See This.


Before the ALS ice bucket challenge caught on like wildfire
and went viral, I really didn’t know what ALS was. I also had no idea how
severe this neurodegenerative disease really is.

ALS is a rare disease that affects nerve cells in the brain
and spinal cord. It’s so rare in fact, that only 30,000 people in the US have
it. This devastating disease can totally destroy a person’s body in a short
amount of time.

At this point, we’ve seen dozens and dozens of videos of
people dumping ice water on their heads to raise awareness. 

But out of all the ALS ice bucket challenge videos, THIS is
the one you NEED to see. The young man in this video pours out his heart and
soul, saying that his grandmother had ALS, his mother has ALS, and he just
found out that he too has ALS.

When you hear these words come out of his mouth and see the
devastating effects of this disease, it puts this whole ice bucket challenge
into perspective. This video really touched and moved me.

WARNING: There are some 'bad' words used in this video. Also, it starts off a little weird, but just wait till about 2:00. It's worth it, I promise.

Please watch and then SHARE
his courage, bravery, and moving message.

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