This Woman With Terminal Cancer Plans The Day She Will Die


At 29-years-old, Brittany Maynard had her fairytale wedding and was planning to have a beautiful and healthy family with her husband, Dan. But then everything changed on New Year's Day. She received the news that she is suffering from the most aggressive form of brain cancer. 

Her doctor told her the challenges she would face in the last six months of her life, so she decided to research the options outside of this suffering. Brittany's mom says she has always lived a fearless life, and her decision to die with dignity truly proves this to be true. 

Brittany and her family moved to Oregon where should would, legally, be able to decide the day she would die. She says she is not suicidal, and that she does not want to die. But, she says that she knows she's dying and wants to do so on her own terms. 

Watch the video below to see the entire story of Brittany Maynard.

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