This Woman Wore a Fat Suit on Blind Dates and Unfortunately You Won’t be Surprised by The Responses


This video starts off by stating the results of a recent
study that say, “The number one fear for women dating online is that they’re
going to meet a serial killer. The number one fear for men is that the woman
they meet is going to be fat.”

So, the makers of this video decided to put on the ultimate
social experiment and test out that theory. 

They used the popular dating site, Tinder, to find some dates
for Sara (the woman participating in the experiment). But what the potential
suitors didn’t know was that Sara was going to look slightly different than her

They put makeup and a fat suit on Sara and sent her out on
the dates. When the guys saw her for the first time they were surprised to say
the least.

Unfortunately, I can’t say I was shocked by the way the guys
reacted – although a lot of them were WAY more rude than necessary.

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