This Working Mom Takes Care of Others Everyday, But NOT Today!


Incredibly hardworking single mother of three, Cara, has devoted her entire life to supporting her family. This means working countless hours and never stopping for a minute to give herself any "me-time." 

The life-changing organization, Pranking It Forward, decided it was to give this working mom a break! Cara is about to receive the surprise of a lifetime! 

At first, Cara believes it is just another normal day at work as a housekeeper. She arrives to the house she is supposed to be preparing for a huge party.

But today is not a normal workday. She begins by being a taste tester for some of the most delectable food I have ever seen. Next, the party's masseuses need to "warm up" their hands...and who better to practice on than Cara?! The hostess goes on to tell Cara she needs to get rid of some of her designer clothes, so Cara is free to take anything she wants! 

The surprises continue, but wait till the end...Cara gets one last surprise that had me in tears!

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