Those Who Chose NOT to Ignore This Homeless Man Were About to Get a Big Surprise!


This YouTube prankster normally makes videos that are meant to make as laugh, or even drop our mouths in shock...but this time he decided to do something completely different. 

In this experiment, he dresses up as a homeless person, holding up a sign and asking passerbys for money. Many people ignore him, or walk past, him lashing out with some sort of negative comment. BUT, to those who do spare a few dollars, or even just simply some kind words - he actually responds by giving them back a $20 bill! 

The thought process behind this experiment: What better way to give back than by giving to people who give? 

Some of the reactions of the people who are given the money are absolutely priceless. What a heartwarming video! 

Hopefully this video will help make a difference and encourage some to make a difference in someone's life today! SHARE!

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