To Top His Christmas-Eve Proposal, He Gives His Fiancee a Christmas Miracle!


Jessica sits in a chair with the gift from her fiancee sitting in her lap. Before giving her the go-ahead to open it, Vas Alli prefaces it with, "I love you with all my heart, and I know that there's no one that could replace me, except for this." 

I had no idea what THIS could be!! Apparently, Vas Alli had been searching for the perfect gift for months, and with the help of Jessica's mother, he came up with the perfect idea!

He was able to bring her deeply loved and long-lost teddy bear back to its owner! 

It was Vas Alli's hope to "one-up" his Christmas Eve proposal with a Christmas gift just as special. Judging by Jessica's reaction, he succeeded! 

This gift was clearly a Christmas miracle for Jessica! Share this beautiful surprise with your friends.

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