Tornado Survivor Miraculously Finds Her Pet Dog During TV Interview!


Watch as this sweet old lady is interviewed on live television after a devastating tornado swept through her city and completely destroyed her home. 

She discusses her course of action as the tornado struck. When the storm finally subsided, she explains how she laid in the rubble and yelled for her dog - but sadly, there was no answer. 

Our hearts begin to break as she says she knows her dog is somewhere amongst the remains of the building, even though it looks highly unlikely any animal could survive such a disaster. 

Then to our surprise, the news anchor begins yelling, "dog!" In the background we see the dog's nose pop out from the rubble and the lady is overcome with emotions as they release the pup from the confines of the rubble. 

I was so happy to see some kind of joy come out of such an incredibly sad and tragic event. Please SHARE this amazing video on Facebook! 

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