Transform Your Thanksgiving Table with These ADORABLE Place Cards!


This year change up your typical, boring Thanksgiving tablescape (who am I kidding - a table filled with food is never boring!) and try a more fun-filled route with your holiday decor! 

For me, keeping Thanksgiving preparations as quick and inexpensive as possible is key! That's why this season I'm going the DIY route, and I couldn't be more excited to share my creative ideas with you! 

To add a bit of a quirky and playful ambiance to my Thanksgiving table, I've put together these VERY simple and inexpensive place cards. Each place card adds a personable and memorable touch for all of your guests! 

Using items found around the house, and in just under two minutes, I was able to create the CUTEST garnish to my place settings! 

I hope you have as much fun crafting these super cute turkey feather place cards as I did! 

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