Watch These Firefighters Go Beyond the Call of Duty!


It was a normal call for these Texas firefighters, when they received a request to respond to a man who had collapsed from heart problems while he was in the middle of mowing his lawn. The local firefighters and EMTs rushed over to revive him and transfer him safely to the hospital. 

But their assignment didn't end here. Instead, the group of men decided to go way above and beyond their call of duty. They drove back to the house to finish mowing the man's lawn. 

After finishing up the task, the men left a handwritten note in the mailbox explaining to the man's wife that they felt bad that he was not able to finish mowing the yard, so they did instead!

They didn't think that this simple gesture was a big deal at all, but the daughter was blown away and was even brought to tears. People don't realize how much a simple random act of kindness can mean to others.

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