Watch This French Bulldog Take On Two Bears! WOW!


We've seen a lot of crazy dog videos come and go here at Get It Free, but this has to be one of the best. In this video, a 20-pound French Bulldog gives new meaning to the term "guard dog". 

This bulldog was simply minding her own business when two 100-pound bear cubs came into her back yard in Monrovia, CA. Most dogs would have given one look at the pair of giant animals and hit the doggy door to go back inside with their tail between their legs. 

Not this dog, though. She took matters into her own hands and chased the bears out of her backyard! You can tell that the bears were a little bit taken aback, not quite sure what to think about the furious little creature. 

Can you believe this dog had the guts to chase away TWO bears? This video is so unbelievatle that you have to share it with your friends on Facebook! 

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