We’ve ALL Been Guilty of THIS Once or Twice in Our Lives!


When you're a little kid, and a growing little boy at that, as soon as you sit down at the dining room table, you want to scarf down any food in front of you right away.

It can be so hard to resist eating that tasty meal set before you, the delectable smell wafting up your nose. How dare mom tell you you can't eat until after prayer! Lol!

In the video below we watch little William encounter this dilemma. Poor thing can't control his appetite and gives into temptation. As everyone bows their head in prayer, William darts his eyes around the table to make sure no one is looking and quickly shoves the food into his mouth! 

This is just too funny! Don't worry William, most have us have snuck in a bite here and there too! If you know a William, (or maybe you are one yourself!) SHARE this video with your friends and family! 

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