Wedding Vows Unlike ANY Other!!


The wedding vows are always one of my favorite parts during
the wedding ceremony. They are – as the video points out – elegant, beautiful
and solemn; a truly touching thing to watch. This, however, is not always the

Watch this side stitching video of this one couple’s wedding
vows.  One quick slip up on the groom’s
part when he tries to seriously repeat his promises to his wife turns into one
of the funniest vow exchanges I have ever seen!

When “lawfully” turns to “wafflely” there is no hope of
return from this bride – she completely loses it! Encouraging laughter flows from
the audience, followed by another hysterical comment from the broom. At this
point, the bride’s laughter is uncontrollable!

The sincerity of her laugh and her inability to make it stop
had me almost in tears! I swear she has the most contagious laugh I have ever
heard! Try watching this video without chuckling – I don’t think it’s possible!

I can definitely say this marriage started off to a happy
start! Spread the laughter and SHARE this hilarious video on Facebook!

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