Well Then … I Guess There’s a First Time for Everything!


Whenever someone starts off a segment by asking the
question, ‘how many of you had a satisfactory poop this morning?’ you know it’s
going to be good. During this TED talk, speaker Nadya Andreeva shows the
audience a few moves that help aid in digestion and bowel movements. Andreeva,
author of Happy Belly, a Woman’s Guide To Feeling Vibrant, Light and Balancedexplains that a healthy digestive tract is essential for your overall health.
But apparently a high percentage of Americans do not have healthy bowel
movements, which can lead to serious health problems down the road.

So she demonstrated two moves, derived from ancient Yoga
practices, which you can do to help get your digestive tract moving along.
Although they look a little strange, I just might try these out! What do you
think of these practices and techniques? Would you ever do them? SHARE this interesting video on

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