What Does Life Currently Look Like In Syria? Brace Yourself- It Isn’t Pretty.


Take a moment to look beyond your personal problems that affect your daily life and reflect on the critical issues that are happening around the world. You'll find a good amount of social and political issues that are hard to believe but impossible to ignore, like the War in Syria. 

Today, the most dangerous place to be a civilian is in Syria. Syrian children are not currently looking ahead to their prospering future as they should doing but, rather, looking up towards the sky for attacks and bombs. Since 2011, their peace has been rattled with war and life has never been nor will ever be the same again. 

In the latest video by #WithSyria, a movement of over 130 organizations standing in solidarity with those caught in the Syrian conflict, you'll experience a powerful reenactment of a Syrian's greatest fear, "In Reverse." Prepare yourself for some graphic content but, also, 90 seconds of eye-opening truth. 

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