What He Said About His Mom Brought an Entire Room of Middle School Kids to Tears


Middle school is such an awkward time for everyone. I have
yet to meet a single person who didn’t struggle with anything during those
awkward tween years.

It’s during this awkward time that kids can start getting
into trouble. They’re not children still, but they’re also not teenagers just
yet and with SO much pressure to ‘fit in’ they often rebel and become ‘too
cool’ to listen to their parents.

Which is why former WCW and WWE Champion, Marc Mero was
there speaking to them. Throughout Mero’s life and career he achieved great
success as a professional wrestler! At this stage in his career he defines
success in a much different way though. He’s on a mission to make all those
lives he comes in contact with better. He wants to spread a message of hope,
positivity, inspiration, and wants to make a difference in any way he can.

While speaking to this middle school class he knew he had to
hit home to get their attention. So he told them the story about his
relationship with his mother and how he didn’t truly appreciate her till it was
too late, till she was gone.

What he said hit home with EVERYONE in the room. All the
students in that room and people watching this video (myself included) were
moved to tears.

His words reminded us how important it is to appreciate those
we love while we still have time. What did you think of this powerful message? Please
watch and SHARE!

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