What Started Out as a Normal Day on The Water, Turned Into a Day This Guy Will NEVER Forget!


He got his board ready and set out for a beautiful day on
the water, paddle boarding off the coast of Laguna Beach, Calif. But what he
didn’t know was that this beautiful day was about to turn into the experience
of a lifetime!

Rich German, the paddle boarder in this video, was cruising
along on his paddleboard (an amazing Jimi Hendrix paddleboard I might add) when
some unexpected guests decided to join him!

Out of nowhere an adorable pod of six Bottlenose dolphins
started swimming next to him! It looks like they were having fun swimming and
playing next to him, keeping pace with his paddle boarding!

At one point one of the baby dolphins looks like it’s
actually interacting with him! If you think this video is as amazing as I do,
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