What THESE High School Jocks Do for a Classmate with Special Needs Will Melt Your Heart!


Chy Johnson, a 16-year-old special needs student has constantly been the victim of bullies at her Arizona high school. The poor girl has endured everything from harsh words to even having trash thrown at her.

Chy's mother decided she needed to do something about this problem. She contacted Carson Jones, the high school's star quarterback and head of "the popular crowd." 

Hearing this devastating news, Jones knew that he had the power to make a change in this poor girl's life. Jones, along with a few other teammates began joining Chy at lunch and constantly keep an eye out for their new best friend! 

With the boys on Chy's side, school has become incredibly more tolerable for the sophomore. Chy happily states, "they're not mean to me, because, all my boys love me!" 

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