What These Six Brothers Say About Their Little Baby Sister Will Melt Your Heart!


Warning: Watching this video will make you want babies! The Lair family had six children, all boys when they decided to try for their seventh. With that kind of a track record, imagine their excitement at having their first baby girl in the family. They decided to record each of their boys' reaction at meeting their new sister Ruby Jane. You will not believe the heart-melting sweetness of these kids! 

They start with their eldest Jackson, who at 13 says he didn't even realize how tiny babies were! Other reactions range from professions of love for their new sister to declarations of protection, vowing to hunt down anyone who dares hurt her. And of course one of her brothers is primarily concerned about pink paint invading their home! 

It is clear from all of these reactions that this little girl is going to grow up in a family surrounded with love and support! 

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