What Would You Change About Yourself to Get “The Perfect Body”?


Fitness trainer Cassey Ho has one of the most successful Youtube channels on health and wellness, Blogilates. Along with teaching pilates, she campaigns for embracing positive body image. After all, body image can be one of the biggest motivators and biggest detractors on the road to achieving your best self. As a celebrity, Cassey has endured her share of scrutiny from the public, and she decided to make herself the center of a PSA that asks, "If you could change your appearance with a simple click, what would you change?" 

In this eye-opening video, Cassey points out that even if you could magically change your appearance to conform to what other people believe is perfect, you can't change how you feel inside. And no one will ever agree on what the perfect body is, so let's embrace ourselves for what we are while continuing to strive to be healthy!   

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