When a Surprise Guest Walked in, This Young Man With Down Syndrome Got the Birthday Surprise of a Lifetime!


Dan McGurk was out to dinner with friends and family to
celebrate his 30th birthday. It started out like any ordinary
birthday celebration when a surprise guest walked in and changed everything!

McGurk, who has Down syndrome, is a HUGE fan of Kid Rock. In
August he recorded an invitation to his rock star idol, asking him to come to
his birthday party. In the invitation he explained why he is Kid Rock’s number
one fan.

After he sent the invitation, McGurk never heard anything
back, little did he know Kid Rock did in fact receive his invitation. Not only
did he receive the invitation, but he was going to attend his party in

No one told McGurk that he was coming, so when Kid Rock
walked in singing ‘Happy Birthday’ holding a cake, the birthday boy was more
than surprised! The look on his face when he sees Kid Rock at his birthday
party totally melted my heart – so sweet!

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