When He Started Singing I Was SHOCKED! He Sounds JUST Like Him!


Not only does this guy look like the real deal, but he has
the talent to back it up! Marc Martel, a Canadian native, has had a passion and
love for music since his childhood.

Throughout his life he pursued his passion of music, but
little did he know what would happen when he uploaded THIS video to YouTube in
2011. All his life he had been compared to the late, great singer and performer
Freddie Mercury of Queen – and it’s not hard to see why!

But he never really took that talent seriously, until he
heard of the tribute band The Queen Extravaganza. This video is his audition
tape for The Queen Extravaganza singing “Somebody to Love”. If I didn’t look
and just listened, id swear it’s Freddie himself.

This guy has some AMAZING talent! That talent and this
audition tape paid off, he’s now the front man of The Queen Extravaganza!

I could listen to him all day long! What did you think of
this amazing audition? Please watch and SHARE!

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