When His Teammates Heard He was Getting Picked On, THIS is What the Did to Stop it!


Calling themselves a "band of brothers," these boys are truly wise beyond their years. 

Danny, the first grade water-boy for the school's football team, was born with some speech issues; making him a prime target for bullying. When his football team friends heard that Danny was being made fun of, they were quick to react!

To show everyone that they did not approve of Danny getting picked on, the band of brothers decided to all dress up in a suit and tie, the outfit that Danny always wears! 

Watch as the kids explain their reasoning behind this small act of kindness; it will absolutely melt your heart! The main thing they all wanted to get across was to let Danny know how much he is loved.

Danny went to bed that night definitely knowing how much he is truly loved by his friends and family! Please help take a stand against bullying and SHARE this beautiful video!

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