When She Put a Baguette Under Running Water I Was Skeptical, But It’s GENIUS!


Baguettes are one of my favorite and most versatile forms of
bread. You can turn baguettes into sandwiches, have them with pasta, smother
them with Brie cheese and just eat them whole – the options are endless!

While baguettes are delicious, they can also be EXTREMELY
annoying. You buy one at the store, have some with dinner, then the next day
it’ll be hard as a rock! They get stale so quickly and get SO stale that it’s
almost impossible to eat the whole thing.

I thought all hope was lost until I saw THIS video. Chef
Sara Moulton was guest starring on the Rachael Ray Show demonstrating a few
tips. She took a VERY stale loaf of baguette and made it like new again with
just water, foil, and an oven.

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