When They Discovered that Their Son Would Die Just Hours After Birth, THIS is How the Parents Reacted


High school sweethearts, Jenna and Dan Haley, were ecstatic when they learned they were expecting their first child. Everything was going fine until the two encountered a minor car accident. Although no one was hurt, they wanted to make sure Shane, their unborn son, was okay. So they went to a doctor. 

Here they received news that no one had expected. Shane had been diagnosed with anencephaly, a serious birth defect in which a baby is born without parts of the brain and skull. Babies with this disease only live a few hours, maybe a few days, after birth.

The couple decided to go forward with their baby announcement as planned, and posted a message on Facebook introducing Shane and his rare condition to the world! 

Then they decided to create a bucket list in order to make the most out of the time they have remaining with Shane, as he lay in Jenna's womb. One by one they have crossed EVERYTHING on their list!  

Jenna and Dan feared that no one would know who their son was, but to their amazement, Shane's story has spread like rapid fire and has inspired and touched people all around the world. Please help SHARE Shane's story! 

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