When This Blind Dog Needed Help, a Stray Cat Came to His Rescue!


Thanks to an abusive previous owner, Tervel, a 14 year-old chocolate lab, has been left blind and partially deaf. Because he can't see where he is going, he often gets hurt when he ventures outside of his basket - forcing him to rarely leave.  

When his owner inherited a stray cat named Pudditat, things changed. Amazingly, Pudditat became Tervel's best friend! Their precious bond started right away. 

Tervel will seek out Pudditat just to snuggle up with each other. What makes this very obvious bond even more astonishing is that Pudditat has also decided to take on the roll as guide cat for her blind freind. 

Now Tervel relies on Pudditat to help him get around and avoid bumping into things! It's amazing to watch this very special cat take the lead and the dog confidently follow behind his footsteps. 

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