When This Boy Reunites with a Special Friend, His Reaction Will Have you in Tears!


For his first birthday, this boy received a stuffed blue monkey, named "Ah-ah," from his grandparents that immediately became his all-time favorite toy. Ah-ah became a member of the family, and went EVERYWHERE with him. 

One camping trip to Rocky Mountain National Park, Ah-ah was misplaced and the boy was devastated beyond belief. The family searched high and low for Ah-ah, but he seemed to be gone forever. 

Mom never gave up hope though. Years later, while she was on eBay looking for a viola for their daughter, she was overcome by a feeling to do a quick search for "blue monkey." A stuffed monkey, looking very similar to Ah-ah was staring right at her, and although she didn't necessarily think it was the original toy, she figured it might be a good replacement.  

When the monkey arrived, without a doubt, she knew it was Ah-ah. Watch as this silly blue monkey is reunited with its owner and prepare to be in tears of joy right alongside the boy!

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