When You Discover Who This Girl’s Biological Sister is, You Will be SHOCKED!


The only thing Jennifer Bricker wanted to be when she grew up was a gymnast - just like her hero, Dominique Moceanu. But there was just one problem: she was born without legs. However, Jennifer refused to let this stop her! 

After being abandoned by her birth parents the day she was born, Jennifer was adopted by her a loving couple who decided they would raise Jennifer just like the rest of their healthy children - without limitations. There was only one simple rule to follow, and that was that "can't" was not allowed to be part of her vocabulary.

So what did Jennifer do? She beat all odds and became a gymnast! If this feat weren't great enough, there's an even more amazing twist to Jennifer's story! 

Jennifer Bricker decided to find out about her biological family. After talking to her adopted parents she soon discovered one of the most shocking pieces of information she would ever hear - her real last name would have been Moceanu - making her biological sister none other than her childhood hero! 

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