When You Get Pulled Over by the Cops, You Expect to get a Ticket, Not THIS!


This traffic stop story is probably unlike any you've ever heard before! When Hayden Carlo was pulled over for an expired registration, his stomach sank as he knew he was about to receive a ticket that he probably couldn't afford. 

Struggling to support his wife and two children, he had no other excuse as to why he had not renewed his registration other than the simple fact that it was either feed his kids or register his car. 

The officer wrote a citation and handed it to Hayden. But what was inside...blew him away. The officer had neatly folded up a $100 bill and tucked it inside! He knew in his heart that Hayden needed it more than him - what an unbelievably kind gesture! 

The police officer, who has chosen to remain anonymous, has completely restored my faith in humanity! Please SHARE this wonderful story on Facebook!

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